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Creating a Listing

  1. Click List a Space
  2. Choose the category that best describes your space. (Coffee Shop, Conference Room, Home/Apartment, Office)
  3. Add at least 1 Image – Space Listings will not be approved without an image.
  4. Give your space a title e.g. “Corner Coffee Shop Table”
  5. Enter the Location – Address of the Space – full address will be hidden from public pages
  6. Price – Set your price in dollars – This is the price per Slot Duration
  7. Additional Attributes
    • Do you offer WiFi, Power Outlets, AV Equipment for Conference Rooms
    • How many people does your space seat?
  8. Description – Provide a longer description of your space. Include the time period the booking is for (Daily, Hourly, 2 Hour blocks, etc)
  9. Booking Offset – How many days prior to the booking can you make a reservation?
  10. Reservation Window – How far into the future can reservations be made? – Default will be 30 days
  11. Booking Days – What days of the week is your space available?
  12. Booking Available From and Booking Available To – What’s the earliest and latest time a reservation can be made?
  13. Reservation Timezone – Select the major city closest to your space e.g. “Chicago”
  14. Reservation Slot Duration – How long is a reservation for? – In minutes (2 hours = 120) – Leave blank if you want to only accept daily reservations
  15. Manually accept new reservations – By Default Reservations are accepted automatically if the calendar for your space is open at the requested time. Setting this to true requires you to manually accept the new reservation.

Submit Listing

Once submitted your listing will be reviewed by the DeskRetreat team. You’ll get an email once your listing has been approved and is available for reservations!

Is DeskRetreat free to use?

Like other online service marketplaces, DeskRetreat keeps a small percentage of each transaction to help cover the cost of credit card processing and site maintenance. This percentage will be reflected when viewing your balance and requesting payouts.

How do I request a payout?

Payouts can be requested on your owner dashboard. If you have a balance you will see a “Request payout” link underneath your account balance.

Payouts can be requested by PayPal or direct deposit to a bank account. Please include your PayPal account email in the comments when requesting a payout. If you prefer direct deposit a DeskRetreat team member will reach out to get that information from you securely.

Does DeskRetreat withhold taxes?

No, at this time DeskRetreat does not without taxes or provide tax information to our space owners. Please consult a tax advisor to understand how DeskRetreat income will impact you or your business tax.


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