Information about DeskRetreat

How it works

Find your Desk Retreat!

 1.  Find your space!

Use the filters to search for private home office spaces in your area.  Need WiFi access?  Make sure the DeskRetreat has everything you need for a productive day.

2.  Reserve your day

Request your ideal day for your DeskRetreat.  The office host will be notified and will confirm your reservation.    

3. Be Productive

Your office host will communicate access instructions 24 hours before your scheduled DeskRetreat day. Make sure you follow any office rules your host has communicated to you during your work day.  



What is DeskRetreat?

DeskRetreat is a short-term rental marketplace that connects space owners with people looking for a unique space to work from from a single day.

How do I list a space?

Signup for a DeskRetreat account Signup Here, then click "List your Space". Fill out all the details about your space including hours that it's avilable (7:00 AM - 7:00 PM). Make sure to add a few images to really make your space shine. Once you submit a listing, a DeskRetreat admin will approve it within 24 hours.

Does DeskRetreat offer any kind of insurance to owners?

No, at this time DeskRetreat does not offer insurance to space owners. Please check with your own insurance provider to make sure you are protected.